Direct war in Ukraine: Putin orders convenience of sending “volunteer” fighters


  • Are Ukraine and Russia Ready Should work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to guarantee the safety of Ukrainian nuclear sites.
  • Kiev demands corridors that allow citizens to evacuate Within Ukraine, Russia has said it will open humanitarian corridors every day to allow Ukrainians to enter their territory.
  • The Ukrainian government announced on Thursday that more than 100,000 people have been evacuated from the city of Sumi in northeastern Ukraine and surrounding areas over the past two days.
  • European leaders met at a summit in Versailles on Thursday. Rejected Ukraine’s rapid EU membership.


Strict control of foreign companies leaving Russia

The Russian prosecutor’s office on Friday ordered “strict control” over foreign companies that have announced they will suspend operations in Ukraine due to Russian military intervention.

“Attorneys will establish strict control over compliance with labor law, the terms of employment contracts, the payment of wages, the execution of contractual obligations to contractors and the Russian Federation,” the Attorney General said in a statement.


Putin ordered the convenience of sending “volunteer” fighters to Ukraine

The Russian president has ordered the ease of sending “volunteer” fighters to Ukraine, which, according to him, has led to “mercenaries” by the West.

“If you see people wanting to go there voluntarily, and not for money, help the people of Donbass. (Eastern Ukraine)So we have to go to them and help them reach the war zone, ”Vladimir Putin responded to his defense minister’s proposal.

Poster praising the operation of the Russian army in Ukraine in the Crimea. AFP


WHO calls on Ukraine to destroy some of its laboratory research materials

According to information released by the company ReutersThe World Health Organization has advised Ukraine to eradicate high-risk germs that are trapped in public health laboratories, avoiding “any possible leakage” of this or that disease among the population following the bombing.


Kostyuk, a Ukrainian tennis player, criticized the silence of the Russian players

Marta Kostyuk, a Ukrainian who qualified for the second round of the WTA 1000 in Indian Wells on Thursday, blamed the war on his country and criticized the lack of support and empathy from Russian soldiers. “It is very disappointing that no Russian soldier came to me and they are sorry to see what their country is doing to me. There are more Ukrainian civilians dead than soldiers, children among them … This is horrible, ”laments the 19-year-old. “It’s not about politics, it’s about people. It hurts me, it hurts me when I come here on the site, when I see these players, when I hear them say that their main problem is not changing their money or things like this, it is unacceptable. ⁇

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Mikholev after the bombings


Vladimir Fedorovsky says the Russians are “advancing.”

“Russians underestimate things, but we should not take ourselves for granted: they are making progress,” Vladimir Fedorovsky, a former Russian ambassador and author, analyzes in “Putin and Ukraine, Hidden Faces” (ed. Balland). Fears “Lebanonization of Ukraine.”


Recognized “Death of Russian invaders” calls on Facebook and Instagram


“We are working to eliminate Russia as a supplier of hydrocarbons”

To do without Russia’s gas and oil, “we have to do everything now,” said Thierry Breton, European commissioner for domestic markets and technology sovereignty, at the second and final day of the Versailles summit. “Yes, we are working to eliminate Russia as a supplier of hydrocarbons,” he continued. “We have to be ready for next winter and 2023. We are ready to take the solutions that come from everyday life.”

Theory Breton promises that the (European Commission) will be more accommodating to help individuals and businesses, in the toolbox available to states, in the face of the disasters that this energy crisis is creating.


Running away from war when you were 4 years old

On March 4, a family alighted from a bus in Przemysl, in eastern Poland, a few kilometers from Ukraine. Philip Plezowski


Russia is strengthening its grip on Sudan, turning its eyes to the African base

Russia and Sudan continue to move closer together, with the West isolating Moscow after the October military coup following the invasions of Ukraine and Khartoum.

The Sudanese delegation began eight days of high-level meetings in Russia on February 23, just before the outbreak of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.


The city of Lutsk was also targeted by airstrikes

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced that “military airports in Lutsk (northwestern Ukraine) and Ivano-Frankivsk (city in western Ukraine) have been closed.” “Explosions on the side of the airport. Everyone is safe! Do not post photos, addresses or contact details! Lutsk city mayor Ilhor Polishchuk warned on Facebook. Municipal heating services, Lutskteplo, announced Facebook interruptions “due to explosions”.

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The war in Ukraine had no (or small) influence on the French vote

They may have conflict – and its effects on purchasing power – and constantly keep in mind that the inhabitants of Reims (Marne) and Meung-sur-Loire (Loiret) will not change their vote because of the conflict. Our report.


Two airlines have canceled flights to Russia

Following the sanctions imposed on Moscow following the military intervention in Ukraine, Kazakh national carrier Air Astana and Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines have announced the suspension of their flights to Russia. According to press releases on their sites, both companies have made this decision, in particular, due to the uncertainty of insurance of machines bound to Russia.


Air strike on Dinibro

Ukrainian Emergency Services Civilian areas are said to have been affected by the Russian attack Performed on this city of about one million people, which has not yet been defended by Russian forces. Early in the morning, “there were three airstrikes in the city, including a kindergarten, an apartment building and a two-story shoe factory. One died, ”said the Ukrainian relief.


UN Convention on Biological Weapons

At the request of Moscow, Washington and London questioned the credibility of the chemical weapons industry during the session on Syria, and the UN Security Council called for a halt to the alleged production of biological weapons in Ukraine. The Security Council may convene this afternoon. If you want to fully understand the Russian allegations, Read the article here.



$ 14 billion to Ukraine

The US Congress on Thursday approved a new federal budget, which includes nearly $ 14 billion worth of cover for the Ukrainian crisis.

American Congress (Chart). Reuters


Zhelensky accuses Moscow of “attacking” the humanitarian corridor for Mariupol

Mariupol Children’s Hospital is in ruins. Reuters


London relaxes customs controls, preventing shipments to Ukraine

According to The Independent, Charities and aid agencies that export donated goods to Ukraine can now ignore electronic customs notices from Brexit, which has been accused of delaying trucks trying to reach Europe. Other customs procedures that stopped some trucks loaded with aid at the British border for several days have also been lifted.


Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase left Russia

Major banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase announced on Thursday that they were in the process of abandoning their Russian operations, becoming the first major Wall Street company to distance itself from Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine. Disney and Kimberly-Clark have announced that they will limit their operations in Russia after Apple, ExxonMobil or McDonald’s.


Ukraine and Russia “ready” to discuss guaranteeing nuclear security

Are Ukraine and Russia Ready The agency’s director-general, Rafael Croce, said Thursday that it would work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Purpose: To guarantee the security of war-torn Ukrainian nuclear sites.

One of the negotiating sessions between the Ukrainians and the Russians. AFP


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