Defense Ministry denies corruption allegations

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov. Andre Pain / AFP

According to several national media, the Ukrainian ministry has reached an agreement on “two to three higher prices” for food supplies for its soldiers.

Ukraine’s defense ministry on Sunday denied signing overpriced contracts for food supplies intended for its soldiers, rejecting allegations of corruption in a country where embezzlement is common.

The comments come a day after press reports in national media accused the Ukrainian ministry of price fixing.Two to three is morethan current rates for basic groceries.

According to the ZN.UA news site, the signed contract for 2023 is worth 13 billion hryvnias, or $350 million at current rates. “The Ministry procures the relevant products in accordance with the procedure established by law“The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine responded to its role, ruled”lie» Information published in newspapers.

Internal audit

«These are posted for deliberate manipulation purposes“, slammed the ministry, which pointed out”Prepare documentswith a view to initiating an investigationdiffusion“of this information”misleading“WHO”Prejudicial to security interests in a special period“, the ministry pointed outZero tolerance policy against corruption». «Tests are carried outIn the signed agreements, he added.

However, he also declaredAn internal audit“and a”emergency meeting“, around the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiï Reznikov, it should be held on Monday, in order to reveal all the light”Procedure (and) conditions for procurement of food items for military personnel for 2023».

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«If violations are found in the actions of the officials of the Ministry of Defense, they will be held responsible according to the applicable law.“The Ukrainian ministry said in its press release.

In another scandal that erupted over the weekend, Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) arrested the first deputy minister for community and regional development on Saturday on suspicion of fraud, the infrastructure ministry said. Vasil Lozinki, in office since May 2020.Received ($400,000) to facilitate the completion of contracts for the purchase of equipment and generators at inflated prices.“, NABU noted in a press release for its part, while Ukraine faces electricity shortages following Russian strikes on its energy installations.

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