Customers are losing their homes due to the shortage of solar tiles

Tesla Is currently underway Deficiencies Important about its solar roof. Community American Some orders could not be processed, leaving some customers homeless. In a tense situation, Tesla has reportedly suspended solar roof installationsElectrek Broadcast by Numeroma Thursday.

Concrete Case: A Customer Angels Tesla, which has chosen a solar roof, has been asked to begin installing its roof in January. But at present, due to the lack of solar tiles, there is only plywood sheets and waterproof layer.

Availability not announced

Tesla has stated that the tiles will be delivered to this customer within the next eight weeks and that the sealing system placed under future tiles can be kept for up to six months. But when the company contacted the seller, the customer learned that the tiles would not be delivered until the end of December. If this were the case, it would be too late to keep its roof tight.

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The case of this American is not isolated. Other customers have complained that Tesla is pushing back their solar tile installations without actually communicating on a reliable timeline. The tiles are made at the Gigafactory in New York. Elon Musk’s company had planned to produce 1,000 roofs per week, but the global shortage of solar panels has significantly reduced this scope. Conclusion: Tesla no longer receives orders from the Solar Roof, concentrating its forces on active orders and prioritizing repairing damaged roofs.

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