Crimea, the next big war between Q and Moscow?



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A.Vahramian, S.Yassine, L.De Villepin – France 2

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Will the Crimea War Be the Next Phase of the Ukraine War? Ukrainian soldiers are a few dozen kilometers from the peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014. The Russian army is preparing and digging trenches.

Propaganda films were broadcast on Monday 14 November as a warning to Ukraine. Russian soldiers are training in Crimea, a territory considered untouchable by Moscow. “Sevastopol and Crimea will forever be Russia”, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, said in November 2021. However, Ukrainians are 90 km from Crimea. In recent weeks they have bombed the peninsula, including the airport and Russian planes.

To attack, Q’s forces had to cross the Dnieper River. “I think all the Russian forces are concentrated on the left bank of the Dnieper, there are a lot of people there. We cannot do it by force. I think it is too early for the artillery preparations, intelligence quality and ( …) Ukrainians to consider crossing the river”Col. Pierre de Jong, vice president of Themis Institute and an expert on geopolitics, believes so.

Kyiv will need more US aid and weapons to recover Crimea. For the US, helping to reclaim Crimea may be a point of no return with the Russians. Meanwhile, Moscow’s soldiers build trenches on the other side of the river for the coming battle.

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