Company. Lyon is the 25th city in the world where life is better, according to a study

In the rankings A study published in the British weekly magazine EconomistThe city of Lyon is ranked 25th among the most pleasant cities to live in, after Paris, however, it is also ranked 19th.

In a ranking of European cities, Vienna topped Copenhagen, Zurich and Calgary (Canada), the latter two being equally third.

Degraded ranking

Rankings repeatedly disturbed by Govt and its consequences. The city ranks 1stRe In 2021, Auckland, New Zealand, failed to rank 33rd in the rankings for implementing anti-virus barriers.

But the misfortune of some is the joy of others, which is a small way to get out of the crisis, which allows Lyon to get places compared to 2021: Cole Capital takes 12 places compared to its 37th place last year. Reopening cultural spaces.

Ranking is established on a number of factors (sustainability, environment, health benefits, education, cultural benefits and infrastructure) that make it possible to score above 100.

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