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In Lafayette (Indiana), USA, a pizza delivery boy became a local hero on July 11, 2022. How? By rescuing five children from a fire in their house. Due to his intervention, there was no loss of life in the fire.

Nicholas Bostic is a hero of the city of Lafayette. (Map-France Map)

This pizza delivery guy from Indiana, America, not shy. Nicholas Bostic, 25, passed a house engulfed in flames in Lafayette and didn’t hesitate to save five children, according to a British newspaper. The Independent .

Facts as of July 11, 2022. In the middle of the night he was passing through a residential area when he saw flames and decided to stop. But without a mobile phone, the teenager could not alert the emergency services. He decides to enter Home through the back door. “I knew what I was in danger of. I knew that the next moment it could be my life He explained to a local TV channel ABC7 Chicago. But every second counts. »

Inside, they wake sleeping people: children from one to 18 years old. As the first four are removed from the house, the eldest explains that his 6-year-old brother is missing. The delivery boy goes back there and finds the little brother trapped upstairs. A few minutes later, all the siblings are safely and soundly gathered outside the fire.

Humble hero

“I’m glad I was at the right place at the right time.Nicholas Bostick told US media. If given the chance and had to do it again, I would. » When they returned, the parents found a pile of ashes on the floor of their house. The father of the family praised the courage of the young man: “I told him he was part of our family now.”Underlined by David Barrett.

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August 2 decorated

After bringing the children to safety, the hero was admitted to the hospital. He suffered cuts on his hand and right ankle. He had also inhaled a lot of smoke. But he was able to return home after a few hours.

on him WebsiteThe municipality of Lafayette paid tribute to the young delivery man. “Nicholas Bostic’s heroic act saved lives. His selflessness during the incident was inspiring and he impressed many with his courage, perseverance and unwavering composure in the face of such dire danger. Lafayette Police Department and the Honorable Mayor Tony Roswarski […] His actions should be publicly rewarded. »

The young man will be honored by the city of Lafayette on Aug. 2 during the city’s National Airmen’s Day.

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