Characteristics to follow and challenges for Hauts-de-France leaders

Current ministers of the Elizabeth Bourne government, former presidential candidates, national political figures and former lawmakers … Who are the leading candidates in the Hauts-de-France legislative elections?

They are currently playing their political future as ministers, leaders, or party leaders, or media-friendly, prominent figures during the last legislature.

At Hauts-de-France, we have selected eight candidates to support the shares of shares outside the territory of the region.

At Hénin-Beaumont, there was a question on everyone’s lips: Can Marine Le Pen do without a second round? In his constituency, the unfortunate former presidential candidate received 45.15% of the vote on April 10, the first round of the national referendum.

With 53.96% of the registered votes, the RN candidate exploded his score compared to 2017, but still has to go to the second round. In question, the rule of 25% registrants that we will explain to you in this article.

Facing the RN candidate, another Marine wore the colors of the new celebrity, eco and community union and intended to create a surprise.

Marine Tondelier, Hauts-de-France’s regional regional councilor, qualified for the second round with 23.43% of the vote.

A total of 9 candidates contested in this constituency.

He was undoubtedly one of the persons who represented the previous legislature in the National Assembly. Adrien Quatennens, who will be the No. 2 French insoumise behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has established national status over the years.

In 2017, he won the war against my Marseille, the candidate for the 1st District in the North! In the presence of just 50 votes. Elected to the National Assembly for the first time at the age of 27, he was one of the leaders of the Left Rally under the banner of the New Popular Environment and Community Union (NUPES).

At the end of the popular campaign with exhibitions, concerts and pottery competitions, The “Bulldozer” Adrian Quadenance – Nickname provided by Liberation newspaper – Leaves little chance to his enemies. In particular, Jean-Luc Mélenchon won almost 42% of the vote in the evening of the first round of the presidential election.

Although the majority of the presidential candidate is well aware of this, he does not want to leave the field open to rebels. Vanessa Duhamel, an opposition municipal councilor and member of the MODEM, won the support of two Macronie heavyweights on the field during the campaign: Edouard Philippe and Gérald Darmanin. Not sure if this is enough to fire an outgoing spouse. In all, eleven candidates are vying for the presidency.

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In the 10th District of the North, including Turkoing, candidates opposing the current interior minister wanted to vote for or against Emmanuel Macron’s policy. Because the president was clear: if one of his ministers was beaten during the legislative election, he would have to resign.

Gerald Dormann was well aware of this and had succeeded in putting Republican activists in his pocket. Five years ago, Vincent Ledoux – then candidate Les Républicains – won. He finally marched behind the presidential majority with one goal: to become a deputy if the couple wins, because the home minister will retain his position in government.

On the eve of the first round of assembly elections, Gerald Dormann topped the polls with nearly 40% of the vote.

Facing the minister, the new popular environmental and community union invested in Leslie Mortrooks. Originally from Duisburg, he was an activist for the Ecological Revolution for Living, created by the American Coron. He opposes the home minister in the second round. A total of ten candidates contested in this constituency.

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Gerald Dormann is in the lead in Turquoise in the first round of the 2022 Assembly election

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She, too, is clearly playing her future in the government of Elizabeth Bourne. The current health minister is a candidate for re-election in the 6th constituency of the vast countryside of Pass-de-Calais, including the municipalities of Desveres and Lamprey. A former member of the Socialist Party, he claims to represent the left wing of Emmanuel Macron’s party.

With 32.1% of the registered vote, he rose to the top of the second round evening. He faces the candidate of the National Rally on Sunday, June 19th. Christine Encrand, a representative of the far-right party, won 30.26% of the vote and hopes to overthrow the current minister. A total of eleven candidates were in the starting line in this constituency.

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One year ago, voters in this constituency were already invited to vote in the Assembly by-elections. The Minister of Autonomy then gave way to his deputy who had resigned, so he arranged for a new ballot.

With 62.05% of the vote, Brigitte Borginon won against the candidate of the Rossemblion National Mary-Christine bourgeoisie, who won only 37.95%.

He proudly wore the colors of the French Communist Party during the last presidential election. With 2.28% of the registered vote, he came in 8th and is the party’s federal secretary and deputy candidate for the 20th district in the north.

With 34.13% of the vote in the first round of the legislative elections in the evening, Fabian Russell was ahead of the National Rally candidate. Guillaume Florquin is in second place with 32.64% of the vote. So the two will face each other in the second round on Sunday, June 19th.

Delphine Alexandre, the presidential candidate for the majority, came in third with 14.69% or more than 5% of the registered vote. So he did not qualify for the second round.

Elected in 2017, he won 63.88% of the vote against the FN candidate, following in the footsteps of Communist ally Bokwet. Unbeknownst to the public five years ago, he won nationally during the election last April with the slogan “Happy Days”.

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Fabian Russell / 20th North

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Representative of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) in the Saint-Amand-les-Eaux constituency, Fabian Russell hopes to retain his seat for another five years.

On the evening of the first round of the presidential election, he certainly had 12.41% of the vote – almost 10 points nationally – but was ahead of Marine Le Pen and his 36.94%.

Then a determined journalist and director Franசois Ruffin created a surprise by winning the 2017 assembly election by 56% against the LREM candidate, which goes from the northern districts of Amiens to Abeyville. During his mandate, he raised the bar of media events several times, as the day he came to the National Assembly with a football shirt.

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He presents himself to his own successor this year, hoping to keep the only block to the left of the Som field, under Knoops’ banners. In an area where Marine Le Pen came first in the first round of the presidential election, he will face the National Rally’s Natalie Ribeiro-Pillet farther than Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon.

Formerly a member of Europe-Environment Leswerts, Barbara Pompeii was one of the first people to join Emmanuel Macron in 2017. The race he has won since winning the assembly election in Somme’s second constituency had a larger presence than its rebel rival.

In 2020, he relinquished his position to his deputy Sicily Delbro to take over the post of Minister for Environmental Change, which he held until the end of Emmanuel Macron’s first term.

Barbara Bombay is the symbol of this year’s presidential record. Will she benefit from the April pace? In this constituency, which covers most of the city of Amiens, Emmanuel Macron topped the first round of the presidential election.

Voters in the 4th District of Oyster have chosen to renew confidence in that person, rather than the party. Eric Worth, who has been a traditional rights activist for 20 years, is this year’s Together! He came first with 27% of the vote and invested in Les Républicains, a strategy that paid off since qualifying for the second round, to the detriment of his friend Arnaud Dumontier, who was ousted.

But that’s not all for Nicolas Sarkozy’s former minister: he will have to face Audrey Howes, the candidate of the National Rally with 24.15% of the vote. Therefore, the votes received by Les Républicains will be decisive for the end of the second round. Will they mention Eric Worth or go to the National Rally even if they gather with Emmanuel Macron? Between the two-rounds could be a broader move to seduce right-wing voters.

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