Canada: A 73-year-old man killed five of his neighbors in a suburb of Toronto.

They all lived in the same building. Five people were killed and another injured in a shooting in Canada on Sunday night. The suspect, 73-year-old Francesco Willi, also died after being shot by law enforcement. He lived in a building in Vaughan, about 30 kilometers north of Toronto, Ontario.

Three men and two women died, local police chief Jim McSween told reporters Monday, adding that they are now trying to identify a motive for the killings. “All the victims lived in the building,” he said, adding that three of them were part of the condominium’s syndicate’s board of directors.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened that such an incident has happened in our area,” he lamented, “a heartbreaking incident.” A 66-year-old woman was also “seriously injured and remains in hospital,” Jim MacSween said, adding that her life was not in danger.

A semi-automatic weapon was found at the scene

According to the newspaper Toronto Star, Specifically, according to court documents, the suspect had a long-standing conflict with the building’s co-owner’s council, which “sought an injunction against Mr. Villa’s threatening, abusive, threatening and harassing behavior.” While using, “an officer shot and killed the man in a corridor”.

REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

He said the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene around 8 p.m., and a semi-automatic weapon was found at the scene. He added that “many people died on several floors” of the building. Earlier in the evening, around 7:20 p.m., police were called to a shooting, and “upon their arrival at the scene, officers encountered a horrific scene with several people already dead,” the chief explained. Sunday evening press of the font. One of the officers fired his gun at the suspect on the third floor of the building.

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A “horrific tragedy” that rocked the community.

“My thoughts are with the loved ones of those killed in Sunday evening’s tragic shooting,” Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino responded on Twitter.

On Monday morning, Vaughan Mayor Steven Del Duca called the shooting a “horrible tragedy” that is rocking the community “just days before Christmas and Hanukkah.” “I never thought I’d see this here,” he said, adding that people were “in complete shock.”

A gendarme who took part in the intervention said the play was “the most terrifying call” he had ever had to manage “in his entire life”. It’s less familiar with mass shootings than its American neighbor, Canada A resurgence of these types of violent actsA ban on handguns is prompting officials to pass legislation recently.

In April 2020, a gunman impersonated a policeman 22 people were killed in Nova Scotia, in the east of the country, the worst massacre on record in Canada. In September, One person killed 11 people and injured 18 others Mainly poking at an isolated tribal community in the center of the country.

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