Can Germany become a military power?

German tanks and armor during a training exercise in Munster in 2018. Reuters

Big Decrypt – The war in Ukraine forced Berlin to strengthen its defense capabilities. An evolution surrounded by pits.

For a decade, Germany has said it wants to take more responsibility in the world. But his military apparatus did not follow. Boris PistoriusThe new German defense minister pledged on Thursday to devote his efforts to it. “Our work must be done now la BundeswehrStrong. It is about prevention, effectiveness and preparedness. And to continue to support Ukraine, including with Bundeswehr equipment,” He continued. In Paris, as within NATO, the German deferral, the implementation of the “Zeetwende”, the epochal change announced by the chancellor. Olaf Scholes, are carefully monitored. Hoping that Germany would become a military power.

  • What are the capabilities of the Bundeswehr?

With 184,000 active soldiers, the Bundeswehr is one of Europe’s largest armed forces, numerically, behind France and its 205,000 soldiers but ahead of Italy (170,000) or Poland (120,000) on paper, it…

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