Biden tells the Ukrainians “we are on your side”, “a long fight” awaits us …

11:33 am: Science affected by the war

In addition to the mission of ExoMars, the icon of space cooperation and science without borders, many scientific projects have been put on hold due to the war in Ukraine. Two years of work has changed for Boris, an American researcher of Russian descent who founded the Center for Cognitive Sciences in Moscow with the support of the “Higher School of Economics”. The program has not officially stopped, in fact “everything is blocked” because PhD students in Russia can no longer fund their work due to banking restrictions.

Others fled to Armenia or Turkey, threatening to be arrested for protesting. “We talk to each other every day via Skype or Zoom … but we’re lost, the war is over us,” he says confidently, this fifty-year-old who left the Soviet Union after the invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. “For students who did not experience the Soviet era, living in a country isolated from the world was unimaginable. They were actually Europeans.” In early March, 7,000 scientists working in Russia signed a petition against the war, particularly fearing that science would be abandoned because of isolation.

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