Belgium. In place of food ration.

What is happening in France is happening in Belgium and vice versa.

Our two countries are very close in good and bad thoughts.

Here it is not a question of judging value on ration whether it is good or bad.

In fact this is inevitable because we are entering an era of structural scarcity.

War in Ukraine. In Belgium, the time has already come for the first rationing of food items

“In Belgium, many large retailers – including Little, Aldi and Carrefour – have decided to ration some food items to avoid shortages. For now, no store in France has made a similar effort.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, managers of supermarket chains established in Belgium have noticed an “extraordinary” increase in the consumption of certain goods. Therefore, they have taken a preventive measure to avoid creating shares by their customers: they have decided to make ration purchases.

Colruyt, the country’s leading supermarket chain, first made the selection on Friday, March 18th. Therefore, in the radius at which oil and flour are sold, a specific sign now indicates: “A maximum of two pieces per customer. The company explained that this choice was not dictated by scarcity, but was determined by the desire to avoid it.

After a while, Aldi made the same decision. In their stores, the rule is as follows: Customers can purchase a maximum of three bottles of oil, three packets of wheat flour and three products for making bread on a receipt. Here again, customers are informed by specific posters on the shelves.

“Our supplier can currently handle production, but due to the sudden increase in sales of these products, the supply chain can unfortunately not continue,” Aldi manager in Belgium told Daily Le Evening.

As for the hard discount brands, Lidl has made the same choice. Purchases of oil, canned vegetables and toilet paper are also prohibited. Objective: To prevent shelves from being empty so that a large section of the population can access these products. “We are launching a constructive appeal for unity, making sure everyone has enough, so buy only what you need,” said La Ternier Hurin’s Little spokeswoman..

There is nothing wrong with that. In a few more weeks it will be our turn.

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76% of the world’s circulating sunflower oil comes from Russia!


Sunflower oil will run out in 3 more months.

Get ready and arm PEBC as much as you can.

Charles Sunnat

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