Author of “How to Kill Husband” Jailed for Killing Husband

American novelist who wrote an article entitled How to kill a husband She began serving a life sentence for killing her husband on Monday, June 13th. Nancy Crompton Proby, a judge in a court in northwestern Oregon, USA, explained that she had to wait at least 25 years to apply for parole.

Writer, specializing in emotional novels Hell in the heart Or Bad husband, Daniel Proby was convicted on May 25 of murder. During her interrogation, she flatly denied that the CCTV footage she appeared of near the crime scene simply showed that she was looking for inspiration for her books.

Prosecutors say Nancy Crampton Proby was in financial trouble when she was shot twice in the heart in June 2018 at the cooking school where her husband worked. Students found 63-year-old Daniel Proby on the floor of the classroom. His wife was arrested in September of that year and has been in pre-trial detention ever since.

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