“At some point, we will have to return to the negotiating table,” Emmanuel Macron said on the sidelines of COP27.

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Shock measures condemning states’ inaction against global warming MultiplierEmmanuel Macron took it for granted those young people “Living the Consequences of the Disorder” Request “act quickly”. He finally asked the question during a press conference Its role in COP27 In Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, he said, protecting the environment does not justify it “not at all” A “Attack”.

• Eleven bishops or former bishops “My reason“Before civil justice or ecclesiastical justice for complaints of sexual violence, Olivier Savignac, a member of the Parlor and Revivere Society, responded to these new revelations: “We felt that the cases would come out and that they would undoubtedly concern the bishops, but we didn’t think about it.”, he said into Franceinfo’s microphone.

Les Bleus beat Romania 35-21 and qualify for the Euro Handball main round in North Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. The French take the lead of their group and will play for first place in two days against the Dutch.
While the city of Kherson in the south of the country is still without electricity and water, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has announced that it has received defensive weapons from the West. Francinfo summarizes the latest developments in the war in Ukraine.

23h00 : North Korea’s Defense Ministry responds to Washington’s allegations that Pyongyang is supplying Russia with artillery munitions for the war in Ukraine. “There has never been an ‘arms deal’ with Russia and we don’t expect any in the future.“, a senior official quoted by KCNA said in a statement. He called the accusations‘”Unfounded”.

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22h37 : The outcome of tomorrow’s mid-term elections in the US will in no way change Washington’s support for Kyiv. “US support for Ukraine will be unwavering and unwavering” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said no matter the outcome of the legislative elections.

9:48 p.m : Ukraine acquires new Western air defense systems to counter Russian missiles According to Defense Minister Oleksiï Reznikov, the equipment is delivered by the United States, Spain and Norway. “These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian military and make our skies safer.” he wrote on Twitter.

20h27 : “I am sure that at some point a negotiating table (…) should be brought around at a time chosen by Ukraine”, Emmanuel Macron told a press conference before leaving COP27.

17h53 : “All That Was Said in Glasgow”During COP26, “valid”Emmanuel Macron argues: “Even if our world is no longer the same, climate change cannot be a war launched by Russia on Ukrainian soil”.

15h41 : The Ukrainian government announces that it will take control of several companies “Strategically Important” The war effort must be accelerated. These are an aircraft manufacturer, a truck manufacturer, a company specializing in the production of reactors and transformers, and two hydrocarbon production and refining groups. “After martial law is lifted, these properties may be returned to their owners or their value may be recovered”Kiev confirmed.

12h40 : Ukraine has announced that it has received new air defense systems sent by the US, Spain and Norway. “These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian military and make our skies safer.”Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiï Reznikov welcomed on Twitter that the Russian military had stepped up strikes against energy infrastructure in recent weeks.

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10h23 : 🔴 A trick? Are the #Russians organizing the withdrawal from #Kherson or are they trying to trap their #Ukrainian adversaries instead? Our [email protected] @franceinfo @EDelevoye @PhotoSath @Harold_HH https://t.co/jc8I8Nb5uc

10h24 : Journalist Maris Burgot accompanied her team to the Kherson front, the only major metropolis taken by the Russians since the start of the war.

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