Assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin? These new rumors are about an attack on his convoy

Rumors have spread that the Russian president was attacked while driving to his official residence. Confidential information about his whereabouts would have been compromised.

Could Vladimir Putin be the target of an assassination attempt? New rumors have started Anti-Kremlin General GVR Telegram channel. If these facts had not been specified, sources close to the Russian president would have explained that his limousine would have been hit by an explosion at the front left level, followed by “thick smoke”. Putin would have emerged unscathed and been brought to safety. Several arrests were reportedly made by his security services after the incident.

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The same source says Vladimir Putin He was returning to his official residence and his limo was on parade as a “decoy” as a security measure. The “relief” convoy will consist of five armored cars, with the Russian president occupying the third. Some of the Kremlin boss’s bodyguards have reportedly gone missing after classified information about his whereabouts was compromised.

“loud blast”

The General GVR Telegram channel specifically explained: “A few kilometers away on the way to the residence, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, and the second escort car drove around without stopping. Due to the obstruction, during the detour a loud thunder was heard from the front left of Putin’s car, which Thick smoke continued.” And “despite control issues”, the car would have left the scene of the attack.

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For months, rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health have been swirling with no confirmed information. Not about possible assassination attempts and using stereotypes.

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