Are nuclear weapons a weapon “like any other” for Russia?

Russia has “tactical” nuclear weapons, but while they are less powerful than so-called “strategic” nuclear weapons, the damage they cause can be substantial.

Will Vladimir Putin Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine War? The Russian president has said he is ready to use “every means” in his arsenal against the West, which he accuses of wanting to “destroy” Russia, including doubting the use of nuclear weapons. However, Russian officials have repeatedly assured that there is no question of Moscow taking this step.

But on Wednesday, the question of a possible nuclear strike by Russia in Ukraine resurfaced. The The New York Times revealed Russian generals raised the possibility of a tactical nuclear strike on Ukraine in mid-October.

“Tactical” or “Strategic”?

Since the beginning of the conflict, a distinction has been consistently made between “tactical nuclear weapons” and “strategic nuclear weapons”. “The Russian military doctrine of tactical nuclear weapons” is “part of the infra-nuclear arsenal, a conventional weapon like any other,” Alain Bauer believesProfessor of Criminology at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts – a claim disputed by many experts after the initial publication of this article.

A tactical nuclear weapon is a weapon with less power and range than a strategic one. BFMTV’s Defense Adviser General Jerome Pellistrandi explains that the Russians “have a lot of tactical nuclear weapons,” but he insists that the damage caused by these weapons is very significant.

However, they do not fall within the range of conventional weapons, explains BFMTV’s Defense Adviser Colonel Michael Goya. “There are no more tactical nuclear weapons,” he explains. “We can distinguish them for their range and their power, but they are still nuclear weapons.”

“But whatever their power, they cause considerable damage and are a banned weapon,” says the expert.

Vladimir Putin decided

On the other hand, the use of nuclear weapons cannot be determined by generals, as General Jerome Bellistranti recalled: “Whatever the power of a nuclear weapon is, it is the responsibility of the political power, Vladimir Sees Fries”. Russian soldiers “may be tempted to use these weapons”, but the conclusion will not come from them, “this is not a super cannon”.

“The first user of nuclear weapons would face sanctions from everywhere,” recalled Michael Goya. “This weapon has an enormous political cost, and what can justify it? Almost nothing.”

Michael Goya and Jerome Bellistranti recall that the nuclear weapon today is mainly a psychological weapon, a question of deterrence, above all of terrorizing the other.

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In March 2022, after the invasion of Ukraine, a Kremlin spokesman promised that nuclear weapons would only be used if there was an “existential threat” to the Russian nation, and then repeated statements. , which is not reassuring for everyone. Wednesday, a White House adviser said America has become “more concerned” for “months”. A nuclear attack by Russia is possible in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

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