Anora Sam, intelligence officer, describes

Portrait – Enora Sam chose to describe a few months’ work in Syria ten years ago. Also wants to reduce the role of specialized agents.

Is her name Anora Same? A nickname. His age? She is in a state of ambiguityBecause not many of us“. His post? A command function inside Air Force. You can not recognize it. The rest is her eyes expecting details in every question, her firm voice marked by experience, a skin color that unknowingly evokes orientation, perhaps a hint of exhaustion due to the book she is publishing. A chaotic silence. A Witness: In a country that is deteriorating but she loves, SyriaAnd warIt makes everything disgusting“, She tells a truth. Emotion does not prevail over clarity: Anora Some is an intelligence officer.

In As the shadow progresses (Mareuil Éditions), he describes the three months he spent inside the United Nations in 2012, shortly before the conflict between the government and the civil war.

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