An American B-1B bomber joins the joint air exercise

The supersonic bomber, which is barely detectable by radar and capable of flying at very low altitudes, has been used during heightened tensions between the two Koreas.

US B-1B supersonic heavy bombers were to take part in South Korea’s extensive air drills co-hosted by Seoul and Washington on Saturday, which were extended after a series of missile strikes by North Korea. “P-1B to participate in afternoon training“A South Korean defense ministry official said without giving further details about the deployment.

The B-1B is a supersonic bomber that is barely detectable by radar and capable of flying at very low altitudes. Although it was originally designed to carry nuclear weapons, it has been used by the US exclusively for conventional combat missions since the mid-1990s, its manufacturer Boeing notes on its website. It was particularly used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Aerial exercisesA storm in the wake» (“A storm in the wake»), Started on October 31, the largest ever organized jointly by South Korea and the United States. Initially scheduled for Friday, they have been extended to Saturday after North Korea’s ramp up of missile launches in recent days, notably the failed launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from the sea. Japan.

On Friday evening, the South Korean military announced the deployment Some 80 F-35A stealth aircraft It was a new chapter in heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula in recent weeks after 180 fighter jets were spotted flying over North Korean airspace. The United States on Friday condemned North Korea’s continued missile strikes.teasing» UN with the complicity of Pyongyang’s allies Russia and China.

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Disagreement at the UN

After attacking Russia and China, Washington, Paris, London, and other non-permanent members of the Security Council argued in a joint statement that “unit“in front”North Korea is a threat to international peace“. China and Russia, whose relations with the West are at an all-time low over the war in Ukraine, boycotted the joint declaration. Their ambassadors criticized military exercises between the US and South Korea and accused Washington of wanting “Force Pyongyang to unilaterally disarm through sanctions and pressure».

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasized through his spokesperson.North Korea immediately refrains from any provocative actions and fully fulfills its obligations under Security Council resolutions“. he said to himself.”Deeply concerned about tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the push for confrontational rhetoric“, emphasized his spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

Pyongyang firing a Thirty missiles on Wednesday and ThursdayIt ended its course near the South Territorial Sea for the first time since the end of the Korean War in 1953. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol is a “Practical territorial invasion“. North Korea has always viewed US-South Korean military maneuvers as dress rehearsals for an invasion of its territory or the overthrow of its rulers.

exercise”A storm in the wake“becomes”An aggressive and provocative military maneuver targeting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea“, which on Wednesday condemned the North Korean regime for threatening Seoul and Washington.”To pay the most brutal price in history“. “Analysts say Pyongyang’s particularly angry reaction when usingA storm in the wake“, the advanced stealth aircraft F-35A and F-35B, is considered the best tool to conduct”Beheading strikesFlash against North Korean leaders.

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North Korea already revised its nuclear doctrine in September to allow for preventive strikes in the event of an existential threat against Kim Jong Un’s regime.Command and control system“Nuclear North Korea”At risk of attack by hostile forces, a nuclear strike would automatically be launched immediately“, referring to the new theory. Seoul and Washington have been warning for months that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test, its seventh.

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