ALGERIA: More than 70 people accused of a deadly gangland murder want the death penalty

It was an event that caused great emotion in Algeria. On August 11, 2021, Tjamel Bensmail, who was wrongly accused of arson in Kapilia, was later ravaged by a forest fire. Murdered, victim of a violent gang. Circulation of images on social networks created controversy, and gradually led to Kapil should arrest the members of the Freedom MovementTerrorist and classified in the origin of this tragedy.

This Saturday, more than 70 people were sentenced to death by an Algerian court. The defendants, who appeared in Dar el Beida court in the eastern suburbs of Algiers, were charged specifically with “acts of terrorism and subversion against state and national unity” and “premeditated murder”. .

The prosecutor later sought 10-year prison sentences for the other 25 defendants who were tried for criminal offences, specifically “armed assembly, insulting bodies and disseminating photos and videos with the intention of inciting trouble”. Kabar.

Video clips of the killing shown at trial

Djamel Bensmail volunteered in Larba Nath Rathen village in Tsi Ozu Province in Kabili (North East) to help put out a fire that killed at least 90 people within a week in August 2021. Suspected to have set fire to the forest, he surrendered to the police.

Pictures posted on social media were shown A crowd surrounded the police van and pulled the man out of the vehicle after the crash. Djamel Bensmaïl, 38, was later attacked and set on fire by youths taking selfies in front of the corpse.

Excerpts from videos posted by the defendants on social media showing details of the crime were shown during the trial, which began on Tuesday. The videos show Djamel Bensmail being killed, burned alive and stripped of his personal belongings, including his cell phone.

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