After detecting 180 North Korean warplanes, Seoul uses stealth jets

The South Korean military has deployed 80 warplanes in response to North Korea’s warplane buildup.

The South Korean military announced on Friday (Nov 4) that it had grounded the stealth planes after detecting 180 North Korean warplanes, a new chapter in heightened tensions in recent days on the Korean Peninsula, where Seoul and Washington have been conducting joint exercises. Military.

«Our army has found about 180 North Korean warplanes» Mobilized in the airspace PyongyangSeoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “It has deployed 80 fighter jets, including the F-35A“. aircraft mobilized for military exercises with the US”LoansAccording to the same source, depart.

“A very dangerous and bad choice”

The joint air drills were extended to Saturday after North Korea failed to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday morning. With hundreds of warplanes engaged on both sides, they were the largest ever produced.

Pyongyang’s expansion of these exercises “A very dangerous and bad choiceIt launched three short-range ballistic missiles late Thursday. After the announcement, starting at 11:28 p.m. local time on Thursday, Seoul’s military detected about 80 artillery barrages from the north “Zonal tamponBy sea from the Kumkang region in Gangwon Province on the country’s east coast.

“Claire’s Breach”

This shooting “A clear violationAccording to a 2018 inter-Korean agreement, South Korean civil servants said the buffer zones were established to reduce tensions between the two sides. America condemnedIllegal and destabilizing firing of an ICBM“. Seoul and Washington have vowed to take further steps to prove their “.commitment and their skillsIn the face of increasing threats from the north.

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Pyongyang launched about 30 missiles on Wednesday and Thursday, one of which ended its course near the South’s territorial waters for the first time since the end of the Korean War in 1953. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said it was a “Practical territorial invasion».

Pyongyang’s provocations,Especially during our national mourning, humanity and anti-humanitySeoul Unification Ministry Deputy Spokesman Lee Hyo-jung on Friday was referring to the stampede that killed 156 people in Seoul during Halloween.

«The government strongly condemns North Korea’s continued threats and provocations, based on our annual and self-defense drills, to raise tensions around the Korean Peninsula.“, she added. He attributed the escalation of tensions “Irresponsible nuclear and missile development» D Pyongyang.

“Aggressive and Provocative Military Maneuver”

baptism”A storm in the wake» (“A storm in the wake“), South Korean American Exercises “An aggressive and provocative military maneuver targeting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea“, for its part, condemned the North Korean regime on Wednesday, which has threatened Seoul and Washington.”To pay the most brutal price in history».

North Korea has always viewed US-South Korean military maneuvers as dress rehearsals for an invasion of its territory or the overthrow of its regime. Analysts say it took advantage of Pyongyang’s particularly furious reaction at the time.A storm in the wake“, the advanced stealth aircraft F-35A and F-35B, is considered the best tool to conduct”Beheading strikesFlash against North Korean leaders.

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North Korea already revised its nuclear doctrine in September to allow for preventive strikes in the event of an existential threat against Kim Jong Un’s regime.Command and control system“Nuclear North Korea”At risk of attack by hostile forces, a nuclear strike would automatically be launched immediately“, referring to the new theory.

Seoul and Washington have been warning for months that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test, its seventh. Except for exerciseA storm in the wakeScheduled until Saturday, the South Korean military has announced that it will hold its annual exercise next week.Taekook“purpose”To improve wartime efficiencyand crisis management.

It is a “computer simulated exercise”Ability to undertake practical tasks in anticipation of various threats such as nuclear weapons, missiles and recent provocations by North KoreaAccording to the South Korean military.

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