According to Washington, the conflict will last “several months”.

7:41 am: In Kharkiv, are destroyed houses a war crime?

Residents of a block of buildings bombed by Russian bombs in Saltivka, a popular suburb northeast of Kharkiv, gather around lawyers from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office to inspect the building and try to determine if it is a “war crime.” Or not. Many people hope in vain that compensation will be paid to them. This is not the time, but the magistrates take note of everything, even the greatest damage.

They go to every floor of the building with their occupants. 70-year-old Mykola Timchenko’s apartment was completely demolished. The hotel was devastated by the explosion and fire that followed the Russian attack. The furniture, the mattresses, the decorations all turned to ashes. “Here was the kitchen, here was the bathroom, here were the toilets …”, sorry. “What should I feel?” I lost my wife before the New Year. Now I have lost my apartment. It took many years to pay it off, in a moment, ”he laments.

At the top of the building, the judges continue their work, examining the remains of a projectile, near a hole in a wall. “We are not yet clear whether we were targeting civilians or whether it was a shooting error,” said Oleksandr Klebov, 33, a magistrate at the Kharkiv Attorney’s Office, while hundreds of shells fell on the neighborhood. Of the Russian invasion. During their visit, the judges follow a procedure: “We ask each of the victims the same question: ‘Were there military motives near your home?’ “, He explains.

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