According to Vladimir Putin, sanctions will “certainly be overcome.”

Nobel Peace Prize medal sale raises more than $ 100 million for Ukrainian children

Editor of the Independent Russian Intelligence Newspaper Novaia Gazeta, Dmitry Muradov sold his Nobel Peace Prize medal at auction for $ 103.5 million (98 98 million) on Monday for the benefit of children displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

Mr Muradov won the prestigious award in 2021, along with Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, whom the team honored. “For their efforts to protect freedom of expression”. He dedicated it to his diary. Novaïa GazetaAnd its collaborators “People died defending free speech”.

The sale, which took place in New York, was very animated, stopped by many applause and sparked by auctioneers encouraging each other to push sales upwards. Mr. Muradov recorded videos of the auction screen and the atmosphere of the room.

Proceeds from the sale, won over the phone by an unnamed auctioneer, will be donated to UNICEF’s program for Ukrainian children displaced by the war.

Known especially for investigations into corruption and human rights abuses in Chechnya. Novaïa Gazeta This year it became the latest major newspaper to criticize President Vladimir Putin and his tactics inside and outside the country. Novaïa Gazeta Russia announced at the end of March that it would suspend its online and print publications until the end of its intervention in Ukraine, hardening the Kremlin entirely against dissenting voices.

The newspaper has already paid a high price for its commitment: six of its journalists or contributors have been killed since the 1990s, including prominent journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who criticized the Kremlin’s bloody war in Chechnya on October 7, 2006. The sponsors of this crime have not yet been identified.

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