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5:57 pm: End of new mission of French gendarmes in Ukraine over war crimes

French gendarmes, who specialize in identifying victims and collecting crime evidence, completed their third two-week mission in Ukraine on Wednesday, this time in the Kharkiv region. A team from the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) participated in the examination of bodies in Izioum, where Ukrainian authorities buried 447 corpses in a forest near the town retaken from the Russians at the end of September.

According to Ukrainian authorities, gendarmes also investigated the bodies of 24 civilians, including 13 children, who were shot dead in a convoy of cars near Kubyansk in late September. Regarding this latest investigation, “having a forensic scientist, a ballistics and explosives expert was very useful for our team”, explained its head, Colonel Laurent Chartier, during a joint press conference with Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriï Kostine. Etienne de Ponsins, French Ambassador to Kew.

“The arrival of the French mission marked a turning point in the history of documentation of atrocities committed by the Russian army during the siege of peaceful towns near the Ukrainian capital,” the public prosecutor underlined. “A similar picture took shape in the unoccupied part of Kharkiv and French experts again came to the front line of the investigation,” said Andriy Kostin, thanking the gendarmes.

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