According to Bourne, the French education system is very unequal! So we’re going to do some “coding”…

The political thinking of our country is painful at the highest level of the state.

This idea is bad because observations cannot be made.

So think about it.

We’ve come to avoid “stigmatizing rats” by calling them “row rats.” So when we are at this level of arrangement with reality, you cannot expect anything from the political decision makers of this country, nothing they undertake or decide will work.

To take care of our excess students, according to Bourne, it is necessary to “continue the restructuring of the school” so that it “integrates basic knowledge” and “acquires new knowledge such as computer coding”!

My dear Elizabeth, you are very good to me, but between you and me, getting an entire age group to eat computer code in general is about as stupid as an entire class wanting to do accounting.

These are boring things.


Who doesn’t like it?

It is dry and uninteresting to 90% of children in this country.

Take my youngest for example. It was torture for him to sit and listen to his nagging mistress for hours. You see, he likes to be outside, getting his feet wet in puddles, pulling vanilla girls’ hair and playing football with chocolate dudes. So accounting or computer code pushes it; He, like hundreds of thousands of others, was headed for school failure.

Academic success is easy.

It’s a lot of discipline, a curriculum system that works since the dawn of time and allows everyone to learn quickly. It’s a lot of reading, a lot of writing, a lot of language and words to condense thought, then math… and not that much before choosing the common route. It is an orientation towards specialization that can only work with a lot of discipline. Wanting to get 90% of the age group into a general degree program with computer coding is absolutely stupid.

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But because we are in a country with a lot of Norway rats, we have more students, more professors and winners, because my 9th grader got a good note in his certificate like all good students. In his class. So to enter into literary over-production by saying, “If only I had known,” an over-certificate.

Come on Elizabeth, the problem isn’t computer coding…if they already know how to read and express a thought longer than 150 words, that’s a definite improvement.

Awake Elizabeth and others!

Charles Channott

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