A special flight for Royce to bring back the approximately 140 Russians expelled by France

This “Personal Non Grota” boarded a flight sent by Russia this Saturday afternoon.

A special plane hired by Moscow to bring nearly 140 Russian nationals deported by France to Russia was at Roissy Airport on Saturday, AFP learned from an airport source.

137 passengersThe person is non-grata“The source said they boarded a plane that took off in the mid-afternoon with their families and loved ones.

The Russians sent a plane. Since they have no right to fly over France, it is subject to a diplomatic agreement. People go out with good companionsAirport sources told AFP.

Exodus of 41 Russian ambassadors

Earlier this month, France announced the expulsion of 41 Russian embassy officials Spy operations Under the cover of their embassy, ​​part of that permit “A European approach.

Many European countries, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Greece or Croatia, have largely expelled Russian ambassadors since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

In some cases, the evictions were officially seen as a response to the war erupted by Russian forces in Ukraine and the abuses alleged by Westerners. In many other cases, they were joined by spies.

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