A soldier was mistakenly suspended after thousands mobilized

On September 21, Vladimir Putin ordered a mobilization.areaRussian army to fight in Ukraine.

The head of military recruitment in a Russian region of the Far East has been suspended from his duties, a local official said on Monday (October 2nd) after he falsely invited thousands of people to fight in Ukraine.

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«Military commissar of Khabarovsk Krai (region) Yuri Lyko was suspended from his duties. It has no impact on the objective the President has set for usGovernor Mikhail Dekhtiaryov said in a video on Telegram. He did not give the exact reason for the suspension, but indicated that it was related to several errors.

«In ten days, several thousand of our comrades received summonses and went to military police stations. We sent half of them home because they did not meet the selection criteria for joining the army.said the governor.Partial mobilization applies only to units designated by the Ministry of Defense and the President. Any abuse should be suppressed“, he added.

According to a military spokesman quoted by the RIA-Novosti agency, the suspended soldier was transferred to the same post in the Magadan region, where the military commissar was fired last week due to errors during mobilization.

In Yakutia, a large part of eastern Siberia, about 300 men were also mistakenly mobilized and sent home, the official was quoted by the TASS news agency as saying on Monday.

Correct the mistakes

On September 21, Vladimir Putin ordered a mobilization.areaRussian army to fight in Ukraine. Officially, it is about 300,000 reservists with military experience or useful skills.

But there have been several reported cases of gatherings of the elderly, students, the sick or those with no military experience, prompting displeasure and reaction from the authorities. Last week, Vladimir Putin made the claim.Corrected errorsIn mobilization, it sparked demonstrations in Russia and thousands of men flew abroad.

Anti-demobilization rallies have taken place in Dagestan, the poorest region of the Russian Caucasus, where the highest number of soldiers have been killed, particularly in Ukraine, according to death notices posted online.

In the Dagestan city of Derbent, cars with loudspeakers were recently circulated to mobilize all men, without distinction, to report to the authorities, according to videos posted on social networks. In response, Farid Musayev, the military commissar of Derbent, apologized in a video on the town hall’s Telegram account last Thursday and assured the officials who spread the news “wrongwill be allowed.

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