A school bus caught fire on Mamelles Road

Fifty children who went to school on Friday, June 10, were terrified on the bus. The engine caught fire while on the Mammeles Road. No injuries were reported in the fire.

Firefighters are currently working on Departmental Road 23, also known as the Mammoth Line, between Betit-Bork and Point-Noir. The school bus on the crosswalk caught fire.

About 50 students from an elementary school in Baie-Mahault and seven adults were on board. They were on their way to the Parc des Mamelles.
The driver saw the sparks stop and lowered all the passengers waiting for help. No injuries.

The shocked children were loaded into a different transport. Arranged by the District Analyst and Director of the Institution, according to the Rectorate. “Students return to their school in Baie-Mahault“.

A hearing unit will be set up in support of those in need.

Fourteen firefighters and an officer from Petit-Bork Barracks were responsible for the incident. Arriving at the scene with a drone, they were able to observe the spread in the woods, which was quickly rounded up.

Firefighters respond to the burning bus

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Tropichera quickly told motorists about temporarily closing this part of the road to ensure the safety of users, but also to ensure firefighters’ maneuvers. Just before noon, the traffic axis opened.

However, users can access the Atlantic coast or the Caribbean coast by taking RN2 and RN1 referring to the tropichera.

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