A Pentagon admiral has warned that the war in Ukraine is nothing compared to the bigger conflict to come.

Admiral Charles Richard, who heads the Pentagon’s Strategic Command, warns of the imminent emergence of a major conflict and likens the current war in Ukraine to a war.

“The great one is coming”. The war between Russia and Ukraine is only a prelude to a much bigger conflict, warns a top US command official.

In a column published on the website of Wall Street Journal, Admiral Charles Richard believes the US military deterrence is fading. “Big controversy is coming, and it won’t be long [les Etats-Unis] “We will be tested in a way we haven’t been in a long time,” he said.

America in decline

According to him, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has “revealed the weakening of America’s deterrent power”. It’s sinking in slowly, but it’s sinking because they’re deploying capabilities on the ground faster than we are, he considered the next “big conflict.” Of course a Second World Power would be involved.

mentioned as Echoes, this is not the first time the admiral has warned about the state of the US military. He thinks America has lost the ability to “go fast.” “As this trend continues, no matter how good our operational plans, our commanders or our horses, we’re not going to have enough. That’s a very short-term problem,” he explained at the Naval Submarine League’s military conference.

Only the progress of the country in the submarine sector can make a difference.

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