A major fire broke out in Chattanooga and the building collapsed


A major catastrophe is currently taking place in the industrial zone of Meyrin-Satigny. Large fire departments tried to contain the blaze.


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The industrial zone of Meyrin-Satigny is currently on the scene of a huge fire whose smoke is visible from all zones of Geneva. In addition, the smell of burnt plastic occupied the entire city of Sadikni.

According to our information, the roof of the “Grimper.ch” climbing room collapsed, which was denied by one of its managers. At 5:45 p.m., firefighters tried to prevent the fire from spreading, especially in the large car park with five floors.

Cointrin management said the fire, which was located on the access road to Geneva airport, did not disrupt air traffic.

A new building

“The fire started at 4pm,” explains one reader, who noticed a sad scene from the Satigny nursery.

“I live on the opposite side, and after 4pm, I saw flames coming out of the climbing room in the middle of the building, on the Jura side,” said Anne Revaglier, Satykni’s executive adviser in charge of security. . “The structures began to bend, and then everything collapsed. It’s insane. The building is new, however, and was completed two years ago.

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Fire and Rescue Service (SIS)
Fire and Rescue Service (SIS)

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