A 14-year-old girl who spread deodorant in the room died! — Duxford

This is a story that is not believable but true. In England, a 14-year-old girl died after spreading deodorant.

This story shook England. A few days ago, Georgia died at a hospital After spreading the deodorant In his room…

Elhana’s death triggers a wave of emotion

Wednesday, December 21 Elhana dies in her hospital bed. A 6-year-old girl Died in Montauban after spending several days in the clinic.

Health status A 6-year-old girl suddenly became illAfter being transported by firefighters in presumed condition “too serious”. Suffering from bacterial angina, his health worsened.

This is the reason why the medical field has decided Take her to another hospital in the area. According to Elhana’s parents’ attorney, Mee Guy Dubison, “Three days of repeated malfunctions undoubtedly led to the death of this 6-year-old child”.

He told reporters “For three days she screamed in pain and it did not attract the attention of some people”. A caregiver will then be required ordered to stop “theater”She cried a lot.

“It later proved that this kind of illness is very painful. There are permanent dysfunctions and a kind of detachment from some caregivers. The family lawyer said. On January 5, the parents of the deceased girl So they decided to file a complaint.

For 3 days hospital attendants only Tolibrane was given to relieve the pain. But it didn’t help and the girl was still sick.

“Losing your child in these conditions is indescribable! Caregivers need to be alerted to prevent this national issue from happening again.announced Family in Journalism.

The girl died after spraying deodorant in her bedroom

A 14-year-old girl Died in Derby, England. The girl has sprayed deodorant in her room.

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His parents told British media that other youths also died in the same accident. The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA) responded The warnings were clear in bottles sold by a particular brand.

According to law, These should be printed with reference “Keep out of reach of children”. When asked by the BBC about this reference, Parents of little Georgia The writing was so small that they believed they did not see it.

“People don’t know how dangerous the contents of these boxes are.”, said the girl’s father. And add: “I don’t want anyone else in the country. Where in the world— Live what we have personally experienced. […] We don’t want our daughter’s death to go in vain.”He added to the BBC.

Autistic girl fell in love Spray deodorant on her covers. His family said the scent was comforting to them.

On May 11, 2022, the girl will die. The amount was vaporized in the air “Normal”, According to his brother. He was the one who found her unconscious.

Georgia died after inhaling so much Aerosols. Henceforth, his parents want to do prevention to avoid qLet another person experience their daughter’s sad fate. For them, it is necessary even to keep it “The use of solvents kills instantly”, Over commercial deodorant bombs.

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