133 children who consumed medicated syrups died of acute kidney failure

Indonesian authorities on Wednesday halted sales and prescriptions of the medicinal syrups and announced they would launch an investigation.

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The number of children who have died of acute kidney failure in Indonesia has risen to 133, the health minister announced on Friday, October 21, blaming the increase on harmful ingredients in medical syrup. Indonesian authorities launched an investigation and banned the sale of medicinal syrups and drugs on Wednesday after a surge in cases of acute kidney failure.

“We identified 241 cases of acute renal failure in 22 provinces, with 133 deaths.”, said Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadiq’s press conference. Health officials have found traces of harmful chemicals in children being treated for acute kidney failure. “Seven out of eleven children had (the following) harmful substances: ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, and ethylene glycol butyl ether.”he added.

“(The cases) have been confirmed to be caused by (these) products.”, he noted. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the discovery in early October “Unacceptable amount” Diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol in four Indian cough medicines have been implicated in the deaths of nearly 70 children in The Gambia from acute kidney failure.

Indonesian authorities found traces of similar substances in 102 syrups at the homes of sick children. Budi Gunadi Sadiq. The ban on prescriptions and sale of syrup will extend to these 102 products. Most of the cases are in children under the age of five, and some young patients have improved after being given an antidote imported from Singapore, according to the ministry.

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